Commercial & Residential Building Mold Remediation

GCNorthwest CAT specializes in commercial building mold remediation and our team removes the mold in your building to provide a safe environment for all occupants inside your facility. GCNorthwest CAT technicians receive training and continuing education to stay ahead of the curve in providing the latest in technology to customers for mold & black mold remediation in your commercial building. Specialty Restoration of Vancouver and Portland provides commercial mold remediation services across the state of Vancouver and Portland. Our certified technicians use a variety of remediation equipment like moisture meters, humidity gauges or meters, humidistat, borescope, and HVAC system filters. GC Northwest Restoration takes the health of our client very serious, with that we use all of the latest and most current technology during our remediation.

Commercial Building Mold Remediation Equipment Used:

Moisture Meters

GC Northwest moisture meters measure the moisture levels in the building materials using state of the art equipment. With our up-to-date industry equipment, we can also monitor the progress of drying damage materials.  With all different finishes throughout the area where moisture intrusion has occurred our moisture meter will measure and monitor within a very small margin of error.

Humidity Gauges and Meters

GC Northwest humidity meters are used to monitor indoor humidity during the drying process. This enables us to effectively remove the moisture in all areas.  While our meters monitor the moisture levels, we are able to move our equipment around to minimize drying time.


Are humidistat equipment-controlled device monitors the HVAC system and adjust as needed as humidity levels rise above set points, this will also automatically turn on, and reduce the humidity below the establish point during the remediation process.  With a humidistat in place, the HVAC system will be adjusted accordingly even while technician is offsite.


Borescope is a handheld tool technicians use to identify potential mold areas inside walls, inside ceilings, crawlspaces, and other hard-to-reach areas.  The camera is attached to a flexible line so that no major cutting or drilling will be required in order to identify areas that require remediation.

HVAC System Filter

During the remediation process high quality filters must be put in place in the HVAC system.  Conventional filters do not filter the particles to the size of mold spores, so our special designed HVAC filters collect the spores during the remediation process. This way we ensure that the mold spores do not travel any further than the contaminated area.

Factors That Affect Mold Growth

One of the main factors that will affect mole growth is the amount of water present. There are several other factors, such as the frequency of water as it leaks slow or over a long period of time. Another factor is the type of food source that will feed mold including building materials. Water affinity with the ability to absorb moisture into the building materials is another contributing factor. As well as the genes and species of the natural cream mold spores that are present and finally the temperature range in which the spores are growing in warm human accelerates growth.

GC Northwest Restoration works in the Vancouver and Portland area providing commercial mold remediation service, serving Clark County and Multnomah County. GC Northwest specializes in commercial and residential mold removal, and our team removes the mold in your building to provide a safe environment for all residents during different conditions. Finding various species of moles may grow in a colony once moisture is removed from a mold colony the mold remains and it’s still a hazard. Even though moisture does not exist it does not equate to the absence of mold. One thing that is important to realize that prior water issues within a building could’ve resulted in mold colonies, these mold colonies remain an undesirable presence, and can represent a critical health issue to occupants.

Mold will grow virtually anywhere on any substance as long as there is some moisture or water, a little bit of oxygen, and an organic source are present.  Mold reproduces by creating small spores that you usually cannot see with your eyes unless under a microscope.  The spores usually continually float through an indoor and outdoor air space. The process of removing the mold in any of these areas has prompt for incredible measures and use of advance technology.  Health care and the insurance industry now recognizes that mold remediation is a high priority and a requirement for affected structures where continued use is a necessity.  Our highly trained technicians of commercial building mold remediation are experienced in contaminant cleaning, removing of mold contaminants from the building and treatment.  GC Northwest CAT technicians continually receive training and continued education to stay ahead and up to date on the latest in technology for our customers and maintain being a leader in their field for mold and black mold remediation.


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