Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services: GC Northwest Restoration uses specialized equipment to clean your ducts that also includes mechanical brushes and powerful commercial vacuums with top-of-the-line HIPPA filters.  After careful analysis we will be able to put together a plan and we will recommend the appropriate measures that are necessary to restore your home back to optimum performance of your integrated handling system. Irritating allergens and pollutants will be and can be reciting in your ventilation system. GC Northwest Restoration specializes in cleaning these integrated systems.

Areas served:

GC Northwest Restoration company is proud to serve the Vancouver and Portland area in Clark County and Multnomah County.  GC Northwest Restoration provides residential vent and air duct cleaning services for homes in the Vancouver and Portland areas along with the surrounding areas of your home. If in need of air duct cleaning call GC Northwest Restoration at 360-600-9646 or contact us for a quote.

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