Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Residential Fire Damage Restoration: House fire damages is a very detailed process with several very important components.  GC Northwest Restoration team of professionals in fire restoration can handle each situation that is unique with the full care required from the beginning to the end.  Doesn’t matter the extent of the fire damage everything from structurally repair to smoke odor control can be taken care of by one of our experienced specialists.  With the fire mitigation and repair restoration service also offers special carpet cleaning services and furniture upholstery cleaning services.  We all know that smoking fire can be very traumatic as well very disruptive to our normal lives we assure you we will have you back in business as quick as possible. GC Northwest Restoration provides full range of fire damage repairs and fire restoration services.

  • We will assist in your contents packaging, storage, and inventorying it
  • We will help with the cleaning of furniture, fixtures, and all your personal property
  • Our specialists will assist in refurbishment of your electronic equipment and devices
  • We offer wrecked site security and barriers around the perimeter
  • Our specialist will thoroughly clean interior and exterior areas
  • Our specialist will assist and repair all structural components
  • Our restoration specialties well also illuminate and monitor odor control

House Fire Prevention Tips

GC Northwest has outlined a few things that will help prevent housefires including:

  • Always use a fire screen when you’re using your in-home fireplace and be sure to keep all flammable items at least 3 feet away from your fireplace.
  • Never leave the fire unattended and always put out your fire before going to bed
  • For heaters throughout the house including space heaters be sure to turn the space heaters off overnight and never cover them with anything
  • Always make sure your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and have fully charged batteries installed.
  • Your stove and oven are not to be used to keep you warm and know that gas stoves when left on for an extended period can give off a large amount of carbon monoxide which can be very dangerous and hazardous
  • Our fire specialist, fire damage repair and rebuilding team works directly with your insurance agent to help you get your home rebuilt from the ground up

Soot Damage Restoration

Soot is a mixture of tiny black carbon particles that are created by incomplete combustion of wood, oil, paper, clothing, and lint. During a major fire and as you are undergoing repairs there will be soot that will need to be properly removed from the house because it’s very dangerous for pets and humans. It has been studied and linked that long-term exposure to soot is linked to asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and many other illnesses that can be avoided by having a competent technician properly remove the soot from your home.

Prior to removing soot it is vital that an experienced professional with proper knowledge and the proper tools handles the extraction.  Experience experts can ensure that your home has been cleared of soot and that it can be inhabited.  GC Northwest Restoration serving Vancouver and Portland area has extensive experience removing the different types of soot including oily soot, wet soot, and dry soot. 

Smoke Odor Removal Service

Nasty smoke odor caused by cigarettes or fire will linger in a house or a building and will be extremely difficult to remove and clean.  GC Northwest Restoration serving Vancouver and Portland areas have extensive experience in deodorization where our specialist will track down and locate and remove persistent nasty odors. Our team is very familiar with tracking these odors down and eliminating the lingering smells for good.

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