Water damages can be very extensive, but our certified trained professionals are available 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration and water damage repair service. We will minimize the damage with cutting edge technology and stay until it dries out and extract the water.  Water damages can be caused by many things; severe weather, slow plumbing leak, even sewage pipe backed up, but when water damage is left unattended it can lead to more extensive damage and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and hazardous molds.

Water Damage Evaluation

GC Northwest Restoration specialists serves the Vancouver and Portland area with a team of licensed adjusters and a staff that are mold certified that can help you get through the process. We have emergency technicians that are dispatched 24/7 and perform the following procedures for water damages to your property:

  • Safely evaluate the water damages
  • Immediately extract the water from the exposed areas
  • Calculate and stage the necessary drain equipment
  • Continually taking moisture readings throughout the entire process
  • Continually taking relative humidity readings and monitoring

For each project we assign a project manager that is an experienced flood restoration and mitigation specialist to work directly with you and the insurance company to generate an estimate of the laws.  They will guide you through the process and will continually monitor moisture readings and relative humidity readings in order to gauge the effectiveness of the dry down process.

Water Restoration and Repair Equipment

  • Water extractors – GC Northwest operates state of the art purple extraction equipment for quick removal of highly flooded areas. These extractors are used during our flood drying services
  • Moisture meters – GC Northwest has trained technicians that operate moisture meters to evaluate the amount of water that has flooded in damaged the areas. These moisture meters are a very critical part to gauge the drying time.  Technicians use these meters to determine when moisture levels are low enough and the rebuild can start.
  • Infrared cameras – Infrared imaging is the most effective method spotting moisture and allows technicians to identify temperature differences and easily spot damaged areas.
  • Dehumidifiers – Critical equipment that is used to restore all present materials and structures with water damage. Did you know humidifiers extract water from the affected areas while drying and preventing mildew and mold? They extract water from the air and all areas affected then drained into local drain.
  • Air movers- technicians will often use air movers to circulate the air in a flooded area so that moisture can be pulled faster and more efficient. Air movers work with the dehumidifier to increase evaporation rate of water in affected areas.
  • Industrial sump pumps- Our submersible sump pumps can be used for emergency water extraction. They can be used in areas with a large amount of debris without clogging. Sump pumps are commonly used in basements and crawlspaces. They have ability to extract a large amount of water in a short amount of time.

GC Northwest Restoration is a trusted solution for all those in need of flood cleanup or flood damage restoration services.

Here are some common issues we address:

  • A leaky pipe that’s causing flooded bathroom or even toilet overflow
  • Flooded kitchen area due to leaky pipe or dishwasher overflow
  • Busted pipes throughout the entire home
  • Flooding from roof related damages either from faulty roofing or severe storm
  • Faulty water heater overflow
  • Random and hard to find plumbing leaks

Why GC Northwest Restoration of Vancouver and Portland?

Our technicians are certified and trained professionals who are experts in water damages and flood restoration. We offer 24/7 services for emergency flood cleanup and restoration. GC Northwest will work with your insurance company and help you navigate your claim. Our call center will quickly dispatch our technicians who can arrive within 45 minutes or less.

For water damage restoration or repair to sewage damage we service homes and buildings throughout the Vancouver and Portland area. If you’re home or building is damaged by flooding, plumbing leaks, water heater, toilet overflow, major or simple natural disaster call GC Northwest Restoration 360-600-9646.

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